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TLC Home Healthcare, Inc. expresses hope for you or your loved one to have a smooth recovery experience. From the hospital to your home, we ensure continuity of care.

We attend to the numerous needs of our beloved patients as each day passes whether they struggle with mobility issues, chronic pain or coping with multiple prescriptions to follow. With our promise to make things easier, we provide the following services with the utmost proficiency:

Senior Home Care

At TLC Home Health Care, we’re here every step of the way, from helping you determine whether someone you love might need home health care...

Skilled Home Care Nursing

At TLC Home Health Care, we have visiting skilled nurses who will be administering the treatment of your loved ones.

Home Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy can help you regain mobility, improve your strength, flexibility, balance, and coordination.

Occupational Therapists

Everyone needs self-care skills. However, if a person goes through surgery, had an accident, an injury, or health complications...

Speech Therapy At Home

Speech therapy involves much more than relearning or improving your ability to form words, and it can help people of all ages.

Social Workers

When you or a loved one suffers a serious illness or injury, you may be so overwhelmed with managing the physical side of your medical condition that you ignore the social and psychological aspects of your health.

Home Health Aide Agency

We add a personal touch! In every home we serve, our home health aides display compassion and expertise in providing assistance with daily living activities.

Call us for Assistance

Tlf. 248-626-8500
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Call us for Assistance

Tlf. 248-626-8500
Fax – 248-213-6266