Senior Home Care

Are you new to Home care?

At TLC Home Health Care, we’re here every step of the way, from helping you determine whether someone you love might need home health care to work with you and your physicians to determine which services are right for the person receiving at-home care.
If you need…

Registered nurses administer medications; change dressings for wounds and monitor vital signs for those with at-home care. Your TLC HHC nurse also acts as a case manager and coordinates all aspects of the patient’s medical care.

Rehabilitation Therapy

Physical Therapy helps improving balance, coordination, and strength. Our therapists may also evaluate your home for safety. 

Occupational Therapy focuses on fine motor skills (such as buttoning a shirt) that can affect a patient’s independence.

Speech Therapy assists patients with verbal communication, as well as learning to swallow easily and safely.

Who Qualifies for Home Care?

Home Care isn’t only for elderly, those who qualify for at home care do so if they meet any of the following requirements:

Under the care of a physician

Services must be medically necessary and on a intermittent basis

You must be “homebound” defined by Medicare as having trouble leaving the house without help (cane, wheelchair, walker, crutches, or help from another person)

Leaving home isn’t recommended because of their condition.

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Call us for Assistance

Tlf. 248-626-8500
Fax – 248-213-6266